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     As a dentist, I am truly excited to offer Invisalign, a revolutionary way to straighten teeth WITHOUT WIRES! Perhaps you have seen advertisements for invisible braces. I used to be concerned that such ads were luring patients into offices under false pretence. I thought that such treatment would only be available for limited teeth movement. Now that I am a certified Invisalign provider, I know different and am constantly amazed at the major benefits which Invisalign has over traditional wire braces. Today, this new treatment is offered by dentists who have completed Invisalign's orthodontic certification training. A typical Invisalign case costs no more than regular braces and is often completed in less time. Treatment with Invisalign is less painful, the teeth and gums are easier to clean, and you can even spend 2-4 hours a day without wearing the invisible trays. These are just some of the  benefits of clear braces which has turned Invisalign into an instant success. Invisalign now fabricates invisible braces for thousands of new patients every day.
     So how is this possible? If invisible braces interest you, we start with a comprehensive examination, xrays, and impressions of the teeth. As your doctor, I review your bite and determine whether Invisalign could be right for you. If so, your impressions are sent to Invisalign. A CT scan of your impressions creates a digital virtual 3-dimension model of your teeth. The computer uses this model to generate the patient's perfect smile. I then work with Invisalign through the revision process to get the results the patient desires. Our  office then reviews these models with you to show you what your teeth can look like BEFORE your treatment starts. In fact, we email you a virtual 3D movie of your teeth being straightened. Once you are satisfied, Invisalign then fabricates a series of clear trays for you to wear which will straighten your teeth into a beautiful and functional masterpiece. Thanks to Invisalign's technology, the teeth are moved gradually and predictably until the final desire is achieved. The average Invisalign treatment lasts 9 months. Occassionally, cases which I thought would take 2 years with wire braces can be completed in 1 year with Invisalign! The typical patient wears a new tray about every 2 to 3 weeks and sees us in our office once per month. Once treatment is complete, you wear a clear retainer at night while you sleep, usually every night for one year to make sure the teeth do not relapse.
     Other advantages which Invisalign has over wire braces include the limited risk of permanent white spots forming on the teeth and less chance for cavities and gum disease (you can still floss). Many patients like to spend an hour or two in the evenings without wearing their aligners. A completely added benefit for most patients is that they lose weight! This is due to the fact that eating is much more comfortable after removing the aligners. With Invisalign, you will pause to think about diving into that cookie plate on the table. An 
inner struggle may ensue in which you weigh the advantages of cookie gratifacation with the thought of removing your trays and brushing. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, we can design your trays to double as bleaching trays and our office will throw in the bleach for ree.
     Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how Invisalign works and why it has become so popular, especially for adults who wish to straighten their teeth. There are many other aspects of Invisalign which I have not discussed here, but will be happy to speak about. Feel free to call our office or visit Invisalign's web site for more information. I look forward to working with you if 
you choose to do so!


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