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Before and After Cases:

seattle dentist.gif (879 bytes) Small Front Tooth Chip
seattle dentist.gif (879 bytes) Large Front Tooth Fracture
seattle dentist.gif (879 bytes) Missing/Extracted Front Teeth
seattle dentist.gif (879 bytes) Tooth Broken to Gum Line
seattle dentist.gif (879 bytes) Replacing Stained Fillings
seattle dentist.gif (879 bytes) Splinting Loose Front Teeth

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If you are even just curious about the possibility of a new smile, please call us for a consultation!  As a dentist, I am very excited about all of the new treatments available today, and I would love to share them with you.  And please do not hesitate to e-mail me personally or call our office (206-623-0809) with any questions you might have.We provide you with excellent care, beautiful cosmetic results, and a very personalized environment in our downtown Seattle office... so, welcome from Dr. Janson!

9-2000 rescue8a.jpg (14235 bytes)
Though a crown is ultimately needed to keep this tooth intact...
9-2000 rescue8b.jpg (16599 bytes)
a direct bonded filling serves well in the interim and was completed in about an hour.

implant-before.jpg (13591 bytes)
Whereas a chipped porcelain crown used to mean automatic replacement, we can now simply rebuild the crown with tooth colored composite filling material.  This repair was completed 2 years ago and still going strong!
seattle dentist seattle washington 2
Notice the absence of a visible border between the filling and the crown.  When the patient elects to do so, we will replace his remaining old filling on the other front tooth. (note: the newly restored tooth is actually a 10+ year old implant!)

9-2000 class va.jpg (17056 bytes)
Old and stained anterior fillings can be quite unattractive and noticable, until...
9-2000 class vb.jpg (18264 bytes)
newer resins specially designed for cosmetic fillings are placed.

This patient needed to have her front tooth extracted (the stitch is still visible), but did not want to leave without a front tooth... so we designed a Removable Partial Denture and inserted it on the day of her extraction! 1of her 4 front teeth is still healthy and intact...
partial1.jpg (15923 bytes) ap-partial2.jpg (21547 bytes)

seattle dentist pretreat 98
Our patient fractured his lateral incisor below the gums.
cosmetic dentist post
Instead of pulling the tooth, we were able to build it up with a custom post for orthodontia.
cosmetic ortho
By extruding the tooth, Dr. Janson regained enough tooth to place a crown.  Notice the tooth is now showing!
temporary bridge and crowns
Once the tooth stabilized, the patient decided on a whole new look.  This is his temporary bridge designed by Dr. Janson.

dentist patient before


seattle patient after

After (1 bridge + 2 crowns)

cosmetic splint 1.jpg (17333 bytes)-->web-rl2.jpg (22386 bytes)
this is DIRECT BONDING, completed in one appointment in the office.

Click here for more before and after cosmetic photos!



Ethan Janson DDS

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