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Frequently Asked Questions Periodontitis / Loose Teeth
Cosmetic Dentistry Examples Snoring
     Chipped Teeth Repair Sleep Apnea
     Emergency Repair Dental Insurance
     Bleaching Your Teeth Toothaches
Ultrasonic Cleaning Child Dentistry
Before and After Models Denture Care
Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) Extraction Home Care
How to Brushnew.gif (407 bytes) Bad Breath
How to Flossnew.gif (407 bytes) X-ray Examples
Miscellaneous Conditions


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These are questions asked of Dr. Janson from around the country via e-mail and via his volunteer consulting services.  Dr. Janson updates this section frequently.  Feel free to e-mail Dr. Janson with your own questions!  This data is for informational use only.   Please consult your dentist prior to following any of the advice on these pages. Disclaimer

Abscesses Crooked Teeth Perioral Dermatitis (skin reaction)
     root canals Deep Cleanings      fluoride allergy
     gum infections Dental Grants / Assistance Pregnancy
     facial swelling Dentures      and fillings
    blisters      cleaning      and deep cavities
Abutments (for crowns)      adhesives      and bleaching
Allergies          overdentures      gingivitis
     fluoride     immediate type Pulpitis
     delayed drug response      dry mouth Removing a crown
Artistic Dentistry (see Cosmetic)      single tooth / unilateral      how to save a crown
Anatomy      how to remove Root Canals
Baby Teeth Diastema      vs. extractions
     early loss Discolored Teeth     retreatments
     restoring cavities Dry Socket      bleaching
     bite adjustment Earaches        after new fillings
Bad Breath Emergencies      fractured teeth
Bleaching Extractions      after a crown
      and fillings      vs. root canals      failure
      store versions      post-operative sensitivity      discolored teeth
      stainability Facial Numbness      trauma induced
Blood Pressure (cautions) Fillings      vs. a filling only
Bonding      silver vs white Root Planing / Scaling
    to porcelain fractures Frenulums Sensitivity
      vs. Crowns Fractured Teeth      to hot and cold
Braces      in children       and receding gums
     vs. crowns or veneers Gag Reflex Skin Abscesses
Bone Regeneration      Treatments Small Teeth and crowns
Bridges     Gaps in Teeth (Diastemas) Swelling
     vs. Implants            corrected with fillings      Facial
     when they come off      corrected with veneers Switching Dentists
     Maryland Gingivitis Tartar (Calculus) Buildup
Brittle Enamel      bleeding gums Thank You!
Brushing Gnathological Reconstruction Tongue Piercing
     Brushing damage Gum Recession      Risks
Cavities      root sensitivity Tongue Thrusting
     root caries Halitosis Tooth Size
      toothaches      and Periodontal Disease     too small
Chipped Teeth Healing Teeth Toothaches
     crowns vs. resin bonding Ice Chewing      reasons for...
Chronic Inflammation Immediate Dentures      after fillings
     (gums,fillings) Impactions      pulpitis
Corrective Jaw Surgery      front teeth      treatments
     and braces      treatment Toothbrushes
Costs      wisdom teeth      Ultrasonic types
     insurance coverage      if not treated Veneers
     special offers      painful gums      vs. fillings
    inlays/onlays Implants      types of veneers
     chipped teeth     and bone loss      porcelain or resin
Compassionate dentistry      vs. Bridges      vs. crowns
Cosmetic Dentistry Insurance Group Plans      sensitivity
     and need for braces Jaw Tightening Water Line Sterility
     artistic ability Loose teeth (see periodontitis) White Spots on teeth
     filling gaps Lupus      bleaching vs fillings
     veneers vs. fillings Missing Teeth Whitening Toothpastes
     types of veneers      Teeth shifting
Cracks Orthodontia
Cracked Tooth Syndrome      Alternatives to
Crowns Pericoronitis
     Porcelain vs Gold Periodontitis
     recurring cavities      extensive needs
     Temporaries      shifting teeth
     Removing / Saving     saving loose teeth
     Falling off     and bad breath
     Problems with small teeth
     Dark line at gums



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