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My husband's tooth brush head is worn down very quickly. I think he is brushing too hard, his teeth are yellowing and I thought maybe he was brushing too much enamel from his teeth. Is this possible? We both put new brush heads on our Braun Oral B plaque removers 1 1/2 months ago. His brush head is worn down almost halfway.

Yes, it is possible to overbrush and eroded enamel and gum recession is quite common due to this. Every day, I see patients who have spent years brushing with too hard of a bristle brush and caused damage to their gums and teeth over many years of erosion. For this reason, I recommend to almost all of my patients the use of a soft bristled brush. I recommend that your husband check how stiff the bristles of his Oral B brush are and perhaps even bring the brush in to his next dental appointment. If concern about overbrushing exists, perhaps a more moderate schedule of using the Oral B half the time and a soft bristled brush the other half would work.


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