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Recently my son was in an auto accident, about a month ago..his four bottom front teeth were pushed back...luckily his braces held them from being completely knocked out...his orthodontist was able to stick them back in place...they are not hurting him, neither have his gums or teeth turned dark...both look very healthy. I took him to an endodontist referred by our regular dentist and was told that he needs three root canals... the x-rays didn't show anything, but he said he tested them by sensation and because my son could only feel one that the others had nerve damage...however, on the way home my son said the testing was very confusing and he thought he felt two.....I'm very uncertain as to whether these teeth need root canals at all....could you please give me your input? Thankyou!

Thank you for visiting our web site and for your question. Trauma such as the one you describe will often cause the teeth to die, usually because the blood flow to the tooth is destroyed. It can take months or years for a tooth to show outward signs of this. These signs can include infection, darkening, pain, or the tooth breaking. Sometimes the shock to a tooth can cause a tooth to lose sensation for a few days. If your son still questions the validity of the diagnostic tests, he can always have them re-tested or get a 2nd opinion. Once a tooth dies, however, it certainly needs a root canal to remain healthy and intact. Best of luck!


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