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I require two crowns on my molars. I am trying to decide between gold and porcelain crowns. I am not concerned about the appearance of the crown as these teeth are never visible. I do tend to grind and clench my teeth when under stress and NEVER want to repeat this experience. Also, these teeth are not totally in line with the other teeth in my jaw,  it seems to be more angled toward the centre of my mouth vs. my lips. What do you recommend?

The treatments for your teeth will vary with the extent of the condition and positions of your teeth. If your tooth is inclined inward only slightly, your new crown may be positioned to correct its alignment completely. Since you are concerned about clenching and grinding, you may elect to have all-metal (gold) crowns placed. This way you can avoid the risk of fracturing any porcelain in the future, AND you run less risk of wearing your opposing teeth away. I hope this provides you with some insight.


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