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I've been using an Interplak for quite a while, but my dentists says I still have average-above average amounts of plaque. Do you think the Sonicare or the Braun are better from removing plaque?

To my knowledge the Interplak brush, though a rotary brush, is not an 'ultrasonic' toothbrush, so it is a little bit different than the others you refer to. The truth of the matter is that all of the brushes you mention do work well, though some may work better for different people. For example, if your plaque buildup is in hard to reach areas, perhaps a smaller brush head like one you can get for the Sonicaire is more appropriate. Of course, there is no substitute for dedicated home oral hygiene via brushing AND flossing. Since your dentist knows you best, I recommend that you ask him/her what other methods may work well for you.


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