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my top front four teeth were prepared for porcelain veneers. I have very soft bad teeth. My dentist claims the veneers won't be ready for a "few weeks". Is it normal to leave the teeth "naked" for so long??It seems as if my teeth are quite stained from coffee etc.- Is this normal? Will these stains come off before he puts the veneers on? Can I get a cavity? It feels as if the front enamel was scraped off for preperation. Thanks for any input you can give.

As long as you are not experiencing major discomfort, leaving the teeth 'naked' for a few weeks should not be a problem. If sensitivity persists, temporary veneers may be constructed for your teeth, but this complicates the process of fitting your final veneers by requiring a more extensive process of cleaning your teeth at your next appointment. The residual stains which you see in your teeth, though they may be due to coffee, are more likely intrinsic stains which can not be removed. I doubt that they will be removed prior to cementing your veneers, but you may want to ask your dentist. Also, you are not likely to get a cavity as long as you still maintain a regular brushing regimen. Good luck with your new smile!


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