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I've recently noticed my gums have shrunk a little, especially at the back of one tooth. Now there's a ridge on the back of that tooth that my tongue constantly rubs up against.. My tongue is sore now. Facts: 27, mildly overweight, occasional smoker/drinker, yellowed teeth. I've never been to a dentist.  How do I promote the regrowth of my gums? Is there a way? How else would I take care of this?

Thank you for visiting our web site and for your insightful question. There are several possible reasons for the rough surface of your tooth and for your gum recession. Rough tooth surfaces can result from mineralized calculus (or tartar) which builds up over time. Cavities or chipped enamel may also create sharp or rough surfaces. Since you are experiencing gum recession, it is possible that some of these rough surfaces were previously underneath the gums. These rough surfaces, particularly calculus buildup, are often responsible for gum recession by creating inflammation in your gums. If not treated, this ultimately results in underlying bone and gum recession. In addition, smoking is the #1 contributing factor for this bone loss and periodontal disease. There is also considerable evidence to suggest that brushing with anything harder than soft-bristled toothbrushes causes gum recession as well. Unfortunately, gum recession and bone loss is irreversible. It is important then, to prevent further recession by removing the underlying causes of recession by cleaning your teeth regularly and limiting activities such as smoking. Sometimes, it is advisable to restore areas of gum loss by surgical grafting procedures. I do highly recommend that you visit a dentist to determine the underlying causes of your condition. By having your teeth cleaned regularly, and brushing and flossing at home, you can certainly reduce the rate of gum recession that you are experiencing. I hope that this helps answer your question.


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