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I'm interested in information on cosmetic dentistry.  My two front teeth have yellowed quite a bit over the past ten years and I would like to have them whitened. However, these teeth are veneers and I am concerned that the gel would not remove the stains. My current dentist gave me a quote that I felt was totally outragious for veneers.   Can you tell me how much I could expect to spend on some sort of whitening/bonding treatment? The teeth are otherwise in good condition, just stained. Would they need to be completely redone or could something just be applied to the surface of the teeth? I understand if there are any limitations in answering this since you haven't actually seen my teeth.

Thank you for visiting our web site and for your insightful questions. Unlike the natural enamel of your teeth, veneers and fillings do not bleach. There are a couple types of veneers which can be completed on your teeth, ranging from $300-888 per tooth. Our porcelain veneers are the most expensive and are designed in the lab, then later bonded to your teeth. Does this sound like what you have now? We also provide a lower cost veneer known as a 'Direct Veneer'. Direct veneers utilize special tooth-colored filling materials which we bond to your teeth during one appointment and cure (or harden) using a high-intensity light similar to a laser. I have had great success with many patients using this latter technique and I will be happy to share photos with you if you wish. If you are also interested in whitening your teeth, I recommend bleaching your teeth at least a few weeks prior to getting new veneers for your front teeth. This way you can be most assured of a proper match in the years to come. I will be happy to answer any other questions you might have, Carrie.


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