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I have noticed recently that the gumline on my upper mouth is bleeding between the teeth. I'm 20 year old and my wisdom teeth have recently come in. I brush every morning and often in the evenings. I haven't used mouthwash in over a year though; I am curious if I could have gingivitis? Or are my wisdom teeth pushing my other teeth forward and causing this

Thank you for inquiring about your gums. Your description is often a classic symptom of gingivitis, as you suspect. Bleeding gums between the teeth are often an indication of improper (or lack of) flossing to remove the plaque and tartar which is causing the inflammation. I recommend flossing at least once a day to clean this area of your gums and teeth. Though the underlying cause of your bleeding gums is likely plaque and calculus, your wisdom teeth may be a contributing factor by causing your teeth to shift and become tighter. This then makes it even more difficult to clean between your teeth! Since gingivitis is only one of several reasons for causing your gums to bleed, I highly recommend visiting a dentist for a proper exam and cleaning.


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