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I need major dental work done. My dentist has just given me a quote of $6,600. The thing that concerns me the most is that I have feelings of distrust in him. Is this normal? will another dentist work on my teeth after dental care has been started by someone else? Your immediate answer would be greatly appreciated. Please write back

Though you are not the only one to feel distrust in your dentist, it is still very likely that the treatment plan you have been given is in no way fraudulent or incorrect. However, as a dentist myself, I know how difficult it can be to develop a close doctor-patient relationship when these types of doubts exist! I strongly urge you to divulge your feelings and questions about your treatment to your dentist. If your dentist seems too busy or unwilling to explain things to your satisfaction, then getting a 2nd opinion is well warranted. After all, the cost of a 2nd exam is negligible when considering the total cost of your proposed treatment. Also, a 2nd exam can also reinstate your trust in your dentist if the treatment plan is similar to your 1st one. I wish you the best of luck in restoring your smile.


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