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Dear Dr, I have upper and lower dentures, my upper front I had replaced (front 6 ) with porcelain so they are white but the 4 eye teeth are plastic and yellow and stained, how can I get them white again. Also I read your bleaching formulae, how can I tell if I have soft liners?

Thank you for visiting our web site and for your questions. If denture cleanser and a good scrubbing
do not remove the stains on your plastic teeth, you may still benefit from an ultrasonic cleaning of your
dentures at your dentist's office. I can not give you a definite method to determine
if you have a soft re-line in your dentures, except to say that soft lining material is softer and has more
of a cushioning or sponginess to them. You will need to ask your dentist or prosthodontist or have a
dentist check this during your next dental exam. Feel free to e-mail me with any more questions.


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